Talk Recordings and Slides are available

View the recordings and slides from the event. A big THANK YOU to all our speakers for their awesome content they’ve presented at Flink Forward Berlin 2017. Check it out yourself: all session recordings from the conference are now available to view. Watch all talks on our YouTube channel here and check out the slides. Last but not least, find some impressions of the training and the conference here.

Announcing Keynote Speaker Ferd Scheepers

We are thrilled to announce Ferd Scheepers (ING) as our second keynote speaker for the 2017 edition of Flink Forward Berlin! Ferd is the global Chief Information Architect of ING. Ferd has been driving ING’s journey to becoming a data driven company for the last 4 years. He has published on Data Lakes, and is a frequent speaker on both major vendor conferences, and on open source summits. Currently he is championing the Apache Atlas open metadata initiative.

Introducing Keynote Speaker Xiaowei Jiang

We proudly present our first keynote speaker for Flink Forward Berlin 2017: Xiaowei Jiang, Senior Director at Alibaba. He leads the StreamCompute Platform for AliCloud. The platform provides the real time data processing both internally and externally. Previously, he worked as Tech Lead at Facebook and Principal Engineer at Microsoft SQL Server.

Xiaowei will present the keynote “Bring Flink to Large Scale Production”.  Alibaba operates the world’s largest e-commerce platform. The massive scale and strict latency requirements present unique challenges for real time data infrastructure. Xiaowei will share their scenarios and how they use Flink at Alibaba. In addition, he will talk about various improvements they made to bring Flink into large scale production.