Our approach is to carry out a conference which is as accessible as possible for walking impaired attendees and to be transparent about possible obstacles. We prepared answers to some questions wheelchair users might have.

We will also make volunteers available to attendees who request assistance. Please write an email at least one week in advance to: volunteer@flink-forward.org

Is there accessible public transport to the conference venue?

The venue KulturBrauerei Berlin is located on Schönhauser Allee 36 in Prenzlauer Berg close to the station “Eberswalder Straße” .

Tram: M1, M10, 12

Subway: U2 (Ruhleben <> S+U-Bhf. Pankow)

Night Bus: N2 (S+U-Bhf. Zoo <> S+U-Bhf. Pankow)

Night Bus: N42 (U-Bhf. Leopoldplatz <> U-Bhf. Eberswalder Straße)

Nearly all trams are barrier-free. BVG uses step-free, low-floor carriages. Please position yourself at the front of the tram stop. This is the only part from which you can get on and off the tram. The tram’s first or second door contains a ramp or electric lift, depending on the type of vehicle. Please use the door with the wheelchair symbol.

The U-Bahn station of U2 can be accessed step-free via elevator. Several different train types operate on the U-Bahn. The newer train models offer level-entry boarding with a gap of no more than 2 inches between the train car and platform. Some older models are uneven with the station platform, usually between 3 and 6 inches. Indicate clearly to the staff that you want to board the train. Please tell the driver straight away at which stop you wish to get off.

The older trains do not offer a reserved wheelchair space, but newer U-Bahn trains do offer these spaces.

All BVG buses are barrier-free. You should enter the bus via the second door. The buses lower themselves automatically at bus stops to facilitate getting on and off.

Is there accessible public transport from the airport (or other likely arrival points) to the venue? How complex is the journey?

The “Hauptbahnhof”
The building is wheelchair-accessible and has a guidance system for visually-impaired passengers. The other main train stations in Berlin, such as Südkreuz and Ostbahnhof, are likewise accessible. Questions about travel to Berlin, help with boarding and disembarking, and other details can be answered by the mobility center of Bahn AG at +49 180 551 251 2.

Berlin airports
Berlin airports are largely barrier-free. Accessible parking spaces and restrooms are available at both airports Tegel and Schönefeld. Those requiring special assistance or support should please inform their airline at least 48 hours in advance.

The conference venue: Kulturbrauerei Berlin

The conference takes place in several locations in KulturBrauerei Berlin including: Kesselhaus, Palais, Frannz Club and Maschinenhaus.

Conference and training rooms

The groundfloor as well as sanitary facilities of the Kesselhaus are accessible to walking impaired people.

The groundfloor as well as sanitary facilities of the Palais are accessible to walking impaired people. The catering area will be on the ground floor of the Palais.

Palais Atelier and roof terrace

There is an elevator that takes you on all levels up to the roof terrace with a beautiful view on the area.

The Maschinenhaus is on the first floor and it is accessible with the elevator. However, walking impaired people need attendance, since they need to go through an area with obstacles.

If you have further questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us: