Predictive Maintenance with Apache Flink

SK telecom shares our experience of using Flink in building a solution for Predictive Maintenance (PdM). Our PdM solution named metatron PdM consists of (1) a Deep Neural Network (DNN)-based prediction model for precise prediction, and (2) a Flink-based runtime system which applies the model to a sliding window on sensor data streams. Efficient handling of multi-sensor streaming data for real-time prediction of equipment condition is a critical component of our product. In this talk, we first show why we choose Flink as a core engine for our streaming use case in which we generate real-time predictions using DNNs trained with Keras on top of TensorFlow and Theano. In addition, we present a comparative study of methods to exploit learning models on JVM such as directly using Python libraries on CPython embedded in JVM, using TensorFlow Java API (including Flink TensorFlow), and making RPC calls to TensorFlow Serving. We then explain how we implement the runtime system using Flink DataStream API, especially with event time, various window mechanisms, timestamp and watermark, custom source and sink, and checkpointing. Lastly, we present how we use the official Flink Docker image for solution delivery and the Flink metric system for monitoring and management of our solution. We hope our use case sets a good example of building a DNN-based streaming solution using Flink.

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