TouK Nussknacker – creating Flink jobs with GUI

Last year we (TouK) introduced Flink in one of the biggest polish telcoms in the domain of real time marketing and fraud detection. One of the most significant problems in adoption was lack of programming skills at our client - the users were supposed to be analytics/business people. Therefore, we developed a custom platform - TouK Nussknacker - which allows users to design processes with GUI by drawing diagrams. Our project is going to be open-sourced soon - this will happen before Flink Forward. We believe it can make stream processing with Flink more accessible in many use cases, especially in companies that don't have their own development teams. During the talk I’m going to describe architecture of our platform, why we made certain design decisions and about our future plans. I’ll also describe our experiences - when being able to use GUI is great and when it’s better to develop jobs as normal code. If time permits I’ll also show a quick demo of our solution.


3:20 pm - 4:00 pm


Palais Atelier

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