Complex Event Processing with Flink: the state of FlinkCEP

Pattern matching over event streams is increasingly being employed in many areas including financial services and click stream analysis. Flink, as a true stream processing engine, emerges as a natural candidate for these usecases. In this talk, we will present FlinkCEP, a library for Complex Event Processing (CEP) based on Flink. At the conceptual level, we will see the different patterns the library can support, we will present the main building blocks we implemented to support them, and we will discuss possible future additions that will further enhance the coverage of the library. At the practical level, we will show how the integration of FlinkCEP with Flink allows the former to take advantage of Flink's rich ecosystem (e.g. connectors) and its stream processing capabilities, such as support for event-time processing, exactly-once state semantics, fault-tolerance, savepoints and high throughput.