Keynote: Taking away customer friction through streaming analytics

As many industries, banking is undergoing a fundamental change because of the software revolution. No longer are banks competing only on interest rates and having the best traders, these days customer experience and having the best engineers are the focus. In this changing world, banks compete with new start-ups, the so-called Fintechs, and with large platform organisations such as Google, Facebook and Apple. At ING, we believe that staying ahead of the game means changing how we interact with our customers, no longer a traditional model of waiting for the customers to come to the bank through our website or apps, but to actively reach out to the customer with information that is relevant to him or her in order to make their financial life frictionless. Many of these changes are driven by reacting to all events that are relevant to the customer, and using streaming analytics to be able to reach out to the customer in milliseconds after the event occurs. Apache Flink is key for ING to achieve this. This presentation addresses how ING approaches the challenge, the role that Apache Flink plays, and the consequences regulations have on how we work with Open Source in general, and with Apache Flink (and data Artisans) in particular. This keynote takes place at Kino 3.

Speakers involved

Ferd Scheepers

Chief Information Architect.,
ING Ops&IT Banking