Keynote: The State of Flink and how to adopt Stream Processing

Data stream processing has redefined how many of us build data pipelines. Apache Flink is one of the systems at the forefront of that development: With its versatile APIs (event-time streaming, Stream SQL, events/state) and powerful execution model, Flink has been part of re-defining what stream processing can do. By now, Apache Flink powers some of the largest data stream processing pipelines in open source data stream processing. In this keynote, we will look at the evolution of Stream Processing and Apache Flink during the last year, and what we believe will be the next wave of stream processing applications. We show how the Flink community and users evolved, what use cases are coming up, and how new and upcoming features in Flink are making new types of applications possible. We will also discuss common challenges that companies are facing when adopting stream processing, and how we can help companies to rapidly adopt and roll out stream processing company-wide.