September 11: FLINK TRAINING

Flink Forward kicks off with one day of training sessions on September 11. Our one day trainings are each led by members of the data Artisans team. A higher quality training session is hard to find! You’ll take part in a hands-on learning session led by true experts.

Choosing a track – If you are new to Flink, come to the standard training. If you have a Flink app in production, come to the advanced training. In between those extremes, see the descriptions below.

Standard training – An in-depth introduction to stream processing with Apache Flink. Highlights: event time processing and watermarks, windowing, state management, and fault tolerance.

Advanced training – If you have already written a Flink application, and want to learn how to improve it, bring your questions to the advanced training. The emphasis is on more advanced (and lower-level) parts of the API, and on operational topics, including deployment, metrics, and tuning. We’ll also look at how to take advantage of the Table API and CEP library.

Both training tracks are very much hands-on; you’ll need a laptop and a knowledge of Java and/or Scala. The Flink trainings require preparations which involve downloading software binaries, Maven dependencies, and test data. Because we all know how reliable and well-performing conference WiFi tends to be, we kindly ask you to do the setup for the training in advance. We will send you detailed instructions before the event.